Pentagal 550 Specifications

The external panels are made of stainless steel.
The clamp-lift-unit for the pcb-clamp is an electrically controlled, The dipping- and exhausting speed is pilot controlled and safed in menue.
The clamp unit is fixed to the lift (patented). The panel is locked by clamps via pneumatic cylinder. The clamp gets closed automatically and opened electro- pneumatically when the foot operated switch is actuated.
The heat resistent steel solder tank is fixed with hinges to one side of the ma- chine. It can be released by untightening a hand operated nut allowing the tank to be swung for service and clean up operation. The tank is indirectly heated by electrical flat heaters on the tank surface.
The solder pump can be disassembled within a short time.
The two air knives are made of solid stainless steel, indirectly heated by a low airstream from the airheater. The knives are resistent to distorsion. The slot width of the air knives can be exactly adjusted for any requirements. The po- sition towards the PCBs is continuously variable. Together with the fixed steel plate the air knives ca be removed off easily.
The heating elements of the air heater can be easily changed without desas- sembling of the heating block.
For each air knife a remote controlled pressure regulation is installed. The set input is done via terminal and stored in the PLC.
The active touch panel is mounted outside the machine and can be turned due to the requirements of the operator. It is equipped with the central computer system which controls all intern functions.
Additionally the computer controls data like temperature of solder and air which are determined in 50 preselectable programs.
The variable data are displayed continously. All merits of control elements, modes of control elements, switches and valves can be checked in a special test-program. This helps to reduce the probability of failure. Additionally the maintenance by the user is easier in most cases.
The spare part list is documented by photos and stored in the user menu. The user menu is available in many different languages. New Pentagal, Model 550, HAL

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